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The 1980s inspired an explosion of exciting new trading card products and related collectibles.  All are covered in this exciting new volume.


VOL. 4, The ‘90s!


VOL. 5, 

The New Century!


How an original trading card set is created and developed from start to finish… follow the evolution of cult classic Dinosaurs Attack! in Volume 3.

A full-color five-book series, decade-by-decade, that explores the fascinating world of trading cards and related pop culture collectibles!  Penned by Gary Gerani, the “Card King” who has created/edited hundreds of these youth-aimed products, it features rare data and exclusive material never before published.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 are now available!

THE CARD KING CHRONICLES offers readers half a century of bubble gum-inspired Americana, with Volume One covering the 1970s.  Books are personally autographed by Gary Gerani, as are the two included sketch cards.  Order your copy now!

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